2011 m. vasario 7 d., pirmadienis

Esu linksma ir meili. Labai patinka visus praeivius išbučiuoti, o šunelius gluminti savo orginaliu draugystės šokiu. Daugiau apie mane čia

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  1. Hello Jonas!
    Thank you for all your nice comments on Gökboet!
    I can only see one photo above and it's a dog, but what a photo and what a dog! I love dogs, as you now, and this one looks really realy sweet! I wonder: Is it your dog?

    Take care!

  2. Hello!
    Beautiful photo!
    It is impossible to see the second photo!

  3. NOW i can see 2 lovely photos (2 different dogs?) Sweet!
    You had a question for me on my blog, and here is the answer: FP/Jonas: Thank you for your kind words! I don't like Januari! It's memoriel-days of the death of my sisters grandchildren, my mother and my father. My children and grandchildren are alive and well!

    Many hugs from me to you!

    PS. It's not always easy to understand the comments. The Google-translater have some problem sometimes, i think ;-) Right now it do not work at all! Kaputt! DS.

  4. Dolcissimo !!!!

  5. какой милашка!!!А что это за порода такая?